Smoked Coffee Stout

  • 6tsp gypsum (add to water) 
  • 3.2kg LME base
  • Grain
    • 350g Crystal 120
    • 300g Roasted Barley
    • 300g Black malt
    • 200 Coffee Malt
    • 50g smoked malt
  • 60g Northern Brewer Hops
  • 30g Goldings
  • Windsor ale yeast
  • 2/3 bag of dextrose (for bottling)

Augmented with 1 cup of rolled oats toasted to medium brown and one mug of coffee.

Gypsum was added 5 minutes into 30 minute grain steep.

pecific gravity read at 79 degrees is 1.114 + 0.0025 to account for temp = 1.1165

Potential alcohol is 16%, which is stupid high. 

Did not test final gravity. ABV is less than IPA...but still strong.

Beer spent 3 weeks in primary. Little white spots formed on top before bottling.

Used 1/2 bag dextrose for priming. Beer is not super bubbly...but appropriate for a stout.

Taste is great. I would go more smokeed malt next time. Coffee flavour is just right.